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Good Shepherd
Ms. Devone
Gifted and Talented

The 2019 Good Shepherd Academy Christmas Concert 

             was  magnificent!!!

Thank You <3


Watch out - HERE WE COME


Listen to the world 

and bring back some dances & 

music to school


7th Religion Syllabus

Workbook: “We Live Our Faith”

Website for study aids: www.religion.sadlierconnect.com 

            click on Sadlier Religion Resources (purple box, lower right “Let’s Go”

            scroll down to “We Live Our Faith” Grades 7-8  (bottom left column)

                click on that picture

            next page - click on “We Live Our Faith” Grade 7

Books  ”The Bible”

            “Family Life”

Supplies  Pencil, eraser, pen, drawing sketchbook (9" x 12" spiral bound, 50 pages)

Agenda   Continue to grow spiritually as good and caring moral people.

Homework Readings, assessments, drawings not finished in class.

Late Work  You are responsible for handing your work in on time.  

                  You may not hand in work after a total of 4 school days – it will not be accepted.

                  Exceptions - severe illness or family emergency.

Absence  If a class is missed, the student is responsible for obtaining class notes and assignments. 

Projects  Saint Project

              A “Family Life” project

Testing  There will be an open book assessment after every Chapter

              There will be a Unit Test after every 4 Chapters which will include vocabulary words

              There will be random quizzes on:     Vocabulary



                                                                       "The Bible" - especially the Psalms                    

Grading  Chapter Assessments = 1 grade

               Unit Test = 3 grades

               Quizzes = 1 grade

               Projects …usually worth 4 grades = Idea, Technique, and 2 for Overall

Behavior Policy  “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

Disciplinary Infractions that warrant detention or an “I” 

        Consistent violation of class or school regulations

        Consistent disruptive behavior during class

        Consistent incomplete homework or classwork assignments


Good Shepherd Academy
A Middle States Accredited School
24 Brookline Avenue   ♦   Nutley, NJ 07110   ♦   Phone: 973-667-2049   ♦   Fax: 973-661-9259

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