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Good Shepherd

"We give our children two things; One is roots, the other is wings"

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Pre-School Program: GSA Lambs
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Pre-School Program: GSA Lambs

Our aspiration at Good Shepherd Academy’s Little Lambs Pre-school is to provide a foundation for Catholic values and traditions, as well as stimulate early childhood education. Through art, science exploration, music, and literacy (with an emphasis on letter sounds and fine motor skills), we strive to provide a proper academic and social environment that will prepare our students for kindergarten and beyond.  In our warm and friendly atmosphere, our children flourish through dramatic play and fun physical activities (which encourage gross motor skills) that incorporate both cooperative and independent play. Good Shepherd Academy’s Little Lambs Pre-school ensures that each child be nurtured and guided to reaching his or her full creative, intellectual, social, and independent self. 

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Pre-K Summer Fun Program

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P ajama Day

As part of the Catholic Schools Week celebration,our students enjoyed Pajama Day in school.

Learning About Volcanoes

Our pre-K 3 and 4 students participated in a fun science experiment that taught them not only about volcanoes but also about what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar.

Before conducting the experiment, Mrs. Calicchio and Mr. Jadran introduced the children to volcanoes and a few of their basic parts with a colorful diagram.  They also explained to the children what magma and lava really are - rocks so hot that they have melted/liquefied.

After giving the children a brief background, it was time for the experiment: watching volcanoes erupt in a miniature "Dinosaur World."  The children were able to form a hypothesis by guessing what they thought would happen after mixing the baking soda and vinegar to create "lava," and as many of the students predicted, their pretend volcano erupted just like a real one would!

Volcanoes also inspired them creatively this week: they made volcanoes with lava hand prints as well as volcano booklets!  We hope all of the children had much fun during this special science activity.

See more pics in our photo gallery .


Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

On Monday, January 15, both Mr. Jadran and Mrs. Calicchio's Pre-K 3 and 4 classes participated in a special craft in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Along with the craft, the teachers expressed the importance of being kind to one another despite our differences, guided by the book "Kindness to Share from A to Z" by Todd and Peggy Snow.


STEM Challenge

On Friday, November 10, Mr. Jadran's pre-k 3 class participated in a "Three Little Pigs STEM Challenge". The children were split into 3 groups, using straw, sticks, and "bricks" (blocks) to build a barrier to protect their little pig from the Big Bad Wolf. Each barrier was tested with a blow dryer, showing the children that the lighter materials will be the first to blow away while heavy objects do not.