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Student News


Fire Prevention

The Nutley fire department came to give us a demonstration of how they rescue people trapped from high places during a fire.

Middle School Science:

8th Graders

The 8th grade started off the school year by diving back into scientific thinking with Mr. Jadran. The students worked together in small groups, following the steps of the scientific method as they conducted a "paper towel absorbency" experiment. Each group was given 3 brands of paper towel (bounty, Costco, and a dollar store brand). Without knowing which brand was which, the students had to OBSERVE each brand of paper towel and HYPOTHESIZE which brand would hold the most water. Using a dropper, they conducted three trials for accurate results. After carrying out the experiment, the students analyzed their data and made bar graphs displaying the results. The experiment was a simple yet fun way for the students to ease back into thinking scientifically after the summer vacation.

7th Graders

On Friday, Sept. 21st,  the 7th grade students were engineers for the day as they participated in their first in-class STEM challenge alongside Mr. Jadran. The students were split up into groups, where they had 20 minutes to build a bridge with only plastic straws, a piece of construction paper, and scotch tape. Each bridge was tested with a cup full of magnets - first 10, then 20, then 30, and finally 40 magnets. Whichever bridge was still standing was then given the ultimate test - the weight of a textbook! The students had a blast working together during this challenge. Not only did they learn about bridge engineering and teamwork, but they had a fun time while doing so (and what more could we ask for as teachers and parents?!)

6th Graders

The 6th graders participated in a "DNA Monster Mash-up" just in time for Halloween. The students have been learning about DNA, genetics, Punnett squares, and dominant and recessive traits in science class for the past few weeks. For this activity, Mr. Jadran's class combined what they have been learning with some creativity and fun. Students were given a chart with both dominant and recessive traits for their offspring monster, and they flipped coins to determine which traits both the mom and dad monster would have (example: round shaped monsters were dominant while triangular shaped were recessive). After figuring out the different traits, students put their science skills to the test and created Punnett squares to determine which traits would show in their offspring. Finally, they created their DNA monsters based off of the traits that would be shown. This was a great way for students to practice what they have been learning while also having a blast! 

Click here to view Middle School Science pictures.


Communion Prayer of Thanks

Our students in Grade 2A wrote Holy Communion prayers and made a related drawing using Microsoft Paint.  This was a cross-curricular computer class and religion project. 


Sea Turtle Recovery Presentation

First through third graders were treated to a wonderful presentation by Ms. Brandi Biehl and Erica from Sea Turtle Recovery on Monday, June 4th.  This non-profit organization is dedicated to the rehabilitation, preservation and conservation of sea turtles and is located within Essex County's Turtle Back Zoo. The students had already been introduced to sea turtles via library books/classes and the after-school Science Explorers Club. The representatives from Sea Turtle Recovery showed a slide & video presentation and talked about the many ways in which they treat, release and protect sea turtles. They brought equipment to demonstrate how to measure turtles and how they tag them as well. The students and teachers also participated in a question and answer session. You can check out their website or make donations to their organization at seaturtlerecovery.org.

Click here to view presentation pictures.


Our annual STEM Fair was held on Wednesday, May 30 in the GSA gym.  It was another huge success.  Thank you to Mr. Pignataro for his hard work on this educational event.  Congratulations to all the participants and winners!

Elementary School Division  
     3rd Place - 5J:  Noah Esposito (Homemade Water Filter)
     2nd Place - 6G:  Kayla Davila, Courtney Peloso; Christina Zamora (Light-Tracking Bristlebot)
     1st Place - 6M:  Daniel Diaz, Jake Santos; Joseph Springsteen (Pulley System Go-Kart)
Middle School Division  
     3rd Place - 7A:  Brianna Santos; Emily Santos (What type of soil is strongest to support a building?)
     2nd Place - 7P:  Nicolette Stefanelli (Ultraviolet Light)
     1st Place - 8E:  Dominic Chu; Jeremy Mata (Bridge Tension)

Visit our photo gallery for event pictures.

Outstanding Catholic School Graduate

Christian Hui has been chosen as GSA's Outstanding Catholic School Graduate of 2018.  This award is given annually on one 8th grader from each Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of Newark. Christian works hard academically and exemplifies Catholic values in word and deed.

Voci Choir Ranked as Superior

Congratulations to our choir for participating at the iSing Choral Festival!  Our group was ranked Superior by the judges.  Great job everyone!  Visit our photo gallery for pictures or click here.

Frog Dissection

Our middle school students performed frog dissection today! The procedure gave a good overview of the organ systems of a complex living thing. There’s a magic that happens when you have the perfect combination of learning and doing – who wouldn’t remember the amazement of holding intestines while learning about what they do?  Click here for more pictures.


Spring Book Fair: Paws for Books

Celebrating "Paws for Books" Scholastic Book FairQ  Our 3rd graders also created "paw print" shaped word clouds about book genres in their computer  class.  They are now hanging up at our "Paws for Books" Scholastic Book Fair.  Click here to view pictures.

Third Graders Environment Project

"Producers, consumers, decomposers, oh my!!"  3A put together an example of an environment containing "dirt", "worms", "grass", and "animals" -- all edible, of course! 

Click here for more pictures


First Graders as Mother Hens

You might say it’s an eggs-citing time to be in first grade as students welcome 2 dozen friends to the classrooms.  First graders get a chance to be mother hens for two weeks, first by turning the eggs in the incubator and monitoring temperature and humidity.  Names are selected and predictions made as to which egg will hatch first.  Finally, the eggs-uberant children watch as chicks make peepholes then tumble out of their shells.  Our hard working mother hens can now enjoy the little peeps and share the joy with the GSA community until Farmer Angela takes them home to Quiverfarms.

Click here for more pictures.


Valentine for Veterans

Students from grades K - 5 participated in the Valentines for Veterans program sponsored by Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen. The valentine cards made by the children will be given to veterans located at either the Lyons VA Hospital Center or East Orange VA Medical Center.

4th Grader participated in Americanism Coloring Contest
Sharon Pinto received Honorable Mention in the Americanism Coloring Contest sponsored by Post #70.  In addition to a certificate, she also received a $25.00 Barnes & Nobel gift card.  
Unity Assembly in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The entire student body gathered in a circle representing unity and equality and each class delivered inspiring words.   Click here to see pictures.
Story of Snow

What a coincidence!  On a snowy day our fifth graders came to school to find their reading selection was "The Story of Snow." Now they know how each snowflake gets its start and grows!


6th Grade Class donates to YWCA
This year, Mr. P's class Christmas activity was a lesson about giving back, under the directive of the class parents.  The 6th graders stuffed Build A Bear like animals and wrote out Christmas cards to less fortunate children. The gifts were donated to the YWCA in Elizabeth.  Great job to the Class of 2020 and their class parents!
STEM - Grade 3A builds a Gingerbread House
Grade 3A gets involved in S.T.E.M. They were up to their elbows in glue (frosting) trying to get the houses to stay together and then not collapse under the weight of the decorations (sweets).  After all their hard work, they were able to sit back, relax, and take a bite!  (Click here for more pictures.)

4th Grade Sharon Pinto won Chess Competition and Spelling Bee

Congratulations to 4th Grader Sharon Pinto for winning first place in the Lions Club of Nutley Annual Spelling Bee held last Saturday, Nov. 18.  She also participated in the NJ State Championship grade level competition held at Brookdale College and won 3rd place.  Participants in this competition are other 4th grade students in the state of NJ. 



Learning about Pilgrims

Second graders learned about life as a Pilgrim child.  The children read books, watched videos and wrote about what Pilgrim children wore, what they ate, what kinds of chores they did and what Pilgrim children did for fun.  This was a fun and exciting project enjoyed by all! Come see our display in the second grade hallway!


Sumdog's Essex County Math Contest Results Are In!

In total, 595 students from over 35 classes answered 147,587 questions correctly.  GSA’s Grades 2 through 5 participated in the contest. The overall winners are the classes which scored highest throughout the contest. The top 10 finishing classes included some from our own GSA:

Grade 2B came in 4th place
Grade 2A came in 5th place
Grade 3A came in 6th place
Grade 4B came in 10th place

The top students are the ones which answered the most questions correctly throughout the contest. (1000 questions maximum) The top ten students (who were awarded a certificate) include:

1st place with 997 correct answers was Sharon Pinto, Grade 4
2nd place with 996 correct answers was Catarina Pita, Grade 5
3rd place with 979 correct answers was Ysabelle Frum, Grade 4
4th place with 964 correct answers was Noah Lopez, Grade 3
5th place with 963 correct answers was Hannah Pollail, Grade 5
6th place with 958 correct answers was Gabriel Amparo, Grade 2
7th place with 956 correct answers was Monet Nikolic, Grade 5
8th place with 952 correct answers was Luis Santos, Grade 3
10th place with 934 correct answers was Jenna Joseph, Grade 4

Congratulations to everyone on all your hard work!

Don't stop now!

Even though Sumdog's Essex County Math Contest is over, our students can still use the site as much as they want. Their free logins have no time limit, and Sumdog has a limitless supply of math questions for them which are tailored to their individual learning needs. They can use the Sumdog website on your computer, or download the iPad or Android app.


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