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The 6th grade science final will be on Monday, June 3rd. Study guides were given out in class on Thursday, May 23rd. Every student received a study guide. 




Mr. Jadran's 6th grade class had a blast acting as "engineers" while participating in the Christmas Tree STEM challenge! Students worked in teams to build a model of a Christmas tree using only gum drops and toothpicks. Prior to building their model, students had to draw a diagram of how they planned on constructing their tree, as well as estimate how many gum drops they thought they would use. To make the challenge interesting, the teams were given only 20 minutes to build their trees. After the building phase, each tree was tested on how it held up against wind (a blow dryer) and if it still stood tall with a star on top. Once the tests were complete, students reflected on the challenge, thinking about what worked, what went wrong, what they would do differently next time, and how their actual model differed from their plan. Aside from being a lot of fun, this challenge taught the students team work, as well as familiarizing them with the engineering design process!






On Friday, October 26, Mr. Jadran's 6th grade class participated in a fun science activity just in time for Halloween. Students inflated balloons using water bottles and specific amounts of baking soda and vinegar. The students were re-familiarized with the reason behind why baking soda and vinegar react (because of an acid-base reaction, baking soda being a bicarbonate and vinegar being an acetic acid). To add a Halloween aspect to the experiment, spooky faces were drawn onto the white balloons.




The 6th graders participated in a "DNA Monster Mash-up" just in time for Halloween. The students have been learning about DNA, genetics, Punnett squares, and dominant and recessive traits in science class for the past few weeks. For this activity, Mr. Jadran's class combined what they have been learning with some creativity and fun. Students were given a chart with both dominant and recessive traits for their offspring monster, and they flipped coins to determine which traits both the mom and dad monster would have (example: round shaped monsters were dominant while triangular shaped were recessive). After figuring out the different traits, students put their science skills to the test and created Punnett squares to determine which traits would show in their offspring. Finally, they created their DNA monsters based off of the traits that would be shown. This was a great way for students to practice what they have been learning while also having a blast!


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