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Good Shepherd

"We give our children two things; One is roots, the other is wings"

Mrs. Joan Metallo



Think back on the days of old, think over the years, down the ages.

Question your father, let him explain to you, your elders, and let them tell you!  

Deuteronomy 32:7 


Welcome 6th Grade! 


Integrating Faith and Mathematics





(2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR)


As follows:

Grade 6 : Mondays   7:30 AM to 8:10 AM

Grade 7 : Tuesdays  7:30 AM to 8:10 AM

Grade 8 : Mondays   2:45 PM to 3:30 PM


Religion Club (Grades 6 to 8) : Thursdays  2:45 PM to 3:30 PM



For Junior High School Mathematics and Religion:   Assignments are subject to change, as per the teacher's discretion.   Students will be provided assignments during class, to be written in their classpad, and in their planner.  Assignments are also provided on the board.  Parents may contact the teacher in the event of an absence.  When a student is absent for illness, an assignement worksheet is provided for the day and submitted to the office, at the partent's request for pickup.   Help classes are encouraged.

"The Church of God is not a restful garden, but a working vineyard."   St. Lucy Filippini 


Remote Learning:

For my classes, we will be using Teams for chats. Instructions below.  All classes will be held on their regular days and during the times normally held.


In the event of a school emergency, there may be assignments using the following webistes:

For Mathematics:

For Religion:​

For News:


St. Padre Pio (Mr. Metallo's relative)


About Mrs. Metallo:

M.A., B.S., Seton Hall University,  College of Education and Human Services

State of New Jersey, Department of Education, Certified Elementary School Teacher

Former Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Seton Hall University, College of Arts and Sciences

Mentored Ph.D. candidate in pedagogy, Teachers College, Columbia University

Teaching God's children, since 1955.


Class Assignments:  Plans for those who are reading this:

Plans for week of May 26-29

Grade 7 Pre Algebra:  Zoom Substitution principle - evaluating expressions
Students:  See TEAMS for daily assignments

Grade 7 Course 2: Fractions and decimals
Students:  See TEAMS for daily assignments

Grade 8 Algebra:  Algebraic fractions continued
Students:  See TEAMS for daily assignments

Grade 8 Pre Algebra:  Coordinate plane and equations
Students:  See TEAMS for daily assignments.

Grade 6:  Percents Increase/decrease continued/Problem solving
Students:  See TEAMS for daily assignments.

RELIGION 8 :  Oral testing preparation for Confirmation.  Catechism of Catholic Church Rite of Confirmation: The Holy Spirit    Students:  See TEAMS for daily assignments .


"Hello GSA families, we are looking for 8x10 sized up to lawn sized artwork (be creative!) for healthcare and other essential workers. Please complete your art by signing it GSA, Nutley or Good Shepherd Academy. Artwork will be placed in or near area hospitals and care facilities as well as supermarkets and other essential businesses. Please have this completed by Thursday evening. Contact Carmen at 973 529 2130 to arrange a pickup or call the school for a drop off on Tuesday or Wednesday between 10am and 2pm. Thank you for participating and God bless our GSA families and faculty during this time."

Khan Academy Links to Assignments (class code is on end of link): ALL students must join classes tonight (March 15, 2020) in order to complete assignments as they will be given daily.

Pre-Algebra 7:

7 Math Course 2:

8 Algebra:

Pre-Algebra 8:

Grade 6:

Other Instructions:

Classroom Chat Schedule: 

3pm - 4:00 pm daily.  

Any other questions please email me at: