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Mrs. Joan Metallo


Welcome to Math for Grades 6, 7, 8 and Religion for Grade 8 !



Integrating Faith and Mathematics:     




Grade 8:     Class Assignment

Resarch the early fathers of Mathematics: (Euclid, Pythagoras and Galileo).   Students will analyze their contributions to society through an oral presentation. (2-4 pages typed, examples included, stapled or bound due Sept 30).

Grade 7:     Class Assignment

Students will do a drawing of a cathedral or a church from the 13th century or 16th century.  (due by Sept. 30) Students must be prepared to discuss each geometric shape they discover.  What do they learn?

1. God is the designer, creator, perfection and model of beauty. 

2. Things of nature give evidence of symmetry and geometric design (compare with human design of a cathedral). 

3. In designing the cathedral, the slightest error can make a difference in the building of it.  Similarily, small faults (venial sin) gone uncorrected can make a difference in character development.

Grade 6:    Class Assignment

Research Scripture and point to different numerical references within it and their significance.  Students will read the story of Noah and learn  how he designed the ark. (2-3 page report due Sept 30, typed, stapled, or bound).


(2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR)


*Help for GRADES 6 and 7 is available everyday Monday-Friday. Help begins promptly from  7:30AM-8:10AM.  If for some reason help is not available for a particular morning, students will be notified at least the day before in advance. 


*Help for  GRADE 8 will be after school on Thursdays  from 2:45PM up to 3:45PM. 









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