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Good Shepherd

"We give our children two things; One is roots, the other is wings"

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What You Will Need for Pre-K

Please click on the link below for supplies list.

Pre-K Supply List 2020-2021


Our aspiration at Good Shepherd Academy’s Little Lambs Pre-school is to provide a foundation for Catholic values and traditions, as well as stimulate early childhood education. Through art, science exploration, music, early mathematical concepts, and literacy (with an emphasis on letter sounds and fine motor skills), we strive to provide a proper academic and social environment that will prepare our students for kindergarten and beyond.  In our warm and friendly atmosphere, our children flourish through dramatic play and fun physical activities (which encourage gross motor skills) that incorporate both cooperative and independent play. Good Shepherd Academy’s Little Lambs Pre-school ensures that each child be nurtured and guided to reaching his or her full creative, intellectual, social, and independent self. 


Contact info for Mrs. Caliccho:




Pre-K Families will meet Mrs. Calicchio on our ClassDojo page each morning.  Students will be able to watch daily circle time videos, story time videos, recieve daily instruction on specific work pages each day while we are apart, and receive creative daily challenges that we as a class can share on our ClassDojo.  All families are able to get in touch with Mrs. Calicchio via her cell phone, email, and the ClassDojo app.  Today is Thursday,  June 4th.  Our day begins with prayer and scripture lead by Ms. McStay as well as a craft.  Our class will be very busy today with all of the interactive activities especially created for them on our class dojo.   We will be sharing them with each other over our class dojo.  Instructions have been given on our classdojo.  We will begin to work on unit 10 in our Happily Ever After, Language Arts series. We will be working on the letter "Zz". For math we will be working on the number "29" and "30"  and other math concepts, such as sorting and categorizing.  Our private one on one sessions will continue as they do each day, so that all students can continue learning without any interruptions.  It is important that the students feel free to have fun, and in a way continue to interact with their peers via our dojo.  I kindly ask all families to go on our music teacher Ms. Devone's page, she has put togehter some activities for our Pre-K class to do while we are away from one another.  I also ask that families go to our Spanish teacher Ms. Dominguez page to see the activities she has for our class as well.   You can find both Ms. Devone and Ms. Dominguez's pages via our faculty page. Together we will navigate our new learning environment with a little patience and grace.  The important thing to keep in mind is that our children should not be burdened with our own fears of the current situation. Together we can make this an easy transition without losing the continuity of our program.